"The Best Purchase You'll Ever Make

For Your Restaurant Or Bar!"

The Menu Guru - Stephen Redden


The Virtual Guest Book will keep your customers

coming back day after day, week after week!


• Automatically collect valuable customer info

• 1-Year of turn-key/automatic promotions

• 8 SMS Promotions to valued opt-in customers

• 4 Opt-in Email Blast

• FREE! Limited Time Offer ETM-Easy Touch

  Menu: Includes all design with stock menu





Just $500.00 Initial Set-up and programing and

$149.00 per month, that breaks down to only

$20.00 per promotion - cheaper than paying

office staff!


• Optional On-Location Food Photo Shoot -

  All the photos on this site were taken on location

  by our professional photography staff $750.00

  plus travel


Just want a ETM - Easy Touch Menu Site

• 50  Professional Photographs of your Food & Beverages

• Complete ETM Turn-Key

• 1 Year of unlimited ETM changes

• Free, limited time offer Virtual Guest Book Program

  6 months of the above monthly service.

Only $1500.00 - $750.00 deposit/3 monthly

payments $250.00


The “easy-touch menu™” (ETM™) creates a spectacular interactive visual restaurant experience that will entice lookers to indulge and become customers.

In the home, office, car or even at the restaurant table; ETM™ is the future point-of-sale for the restaurant industry for:


  •  Generating robust food & beverage sales
  •  Acquiring new customers
  •  Customer retention


Restaurant Menu Study: Most diners like picture menus over text menus as long as the picture has the purchasing information or caption included. http://www.gritsandgrids.com/2012/10/restaurant-menus-and-pictures-yes-or-no/


Diners want to see the food they are buying, when it comes to menus, practically every diner prefers pictures over text!


Today’s consumers demand mobile-apps, Internet and cloud technology that solves their everyday problems”


When it comes to digital restaurant menu experience,

mobile-apps or Internet technology consumer demands more.

Many times the first experience diners have

is the restaurant website…




ETM™ Benefits:

  • Increased Appetizer, Dessert, Drink Sales
  • Spectacular Food & Drink Presentation
  • Competitive Visual Differentiation
  • Focus Branding and Sales Presentation
  • Track Customers Information
  • Time Critical SMS Promotions - Less Spoilage
  • Streamline Serving –Presentation Aid To Wait Staff
  • Quality Control – Visual Presentation Standards For Consistency
  • Reduced Print Cost
  • Healthier Than Paper Menu - Less Food Contamination
  • and Bacteria/Germs
  • Environmentally Friendly – Save Paper

ETM™ Main Features:

  • Robust Interactive Menu
  • Professional Photography (the secret ingredient)
  • Professional Design
  • Virtual Promotions
  •  Customer Loyalty Sign-In
  •  Virtual Guest Book-Optional
  •    Gift cards and certificates
  •  In-Restaurant Virtual Events
  • Dynamic ETM Open/Start-up Daily Promotion
  • On line souvenir store
  • Opt-In Customer Information Data System
  •  Customer Platform
  • Tiered Customer List
  • Privatized-Personalized Targeted Marketing
  • Opt-In SMS & Email Promotions
  • Opt-In SMS – 2 Weekly
  • Opt-In Email Blast – Weekly
  •  Food Ordering-Carry Out - optional



The Work Flow And Logistics For Success

The barrier for restaurants to have ETM™ is perceived cost, fear of technology and the lack of results.


Traditionally, good experienced designers and professional photography cost thousands of dollars and usually a good chunk up front. Most designers are not restaurant industry experts.


The total annual cost starts as low as $750.00 initial set-up $125.00 a month, $2,250.00 annually.



ETM™ changes all of that:

 • ETM provides high quality low cost location food photography

 • ETM provides seasoned branding/marketing designers

 • ETM makes this seamless and painless for the owner

 • ETM maintains the menu content daily for a 1-year

 • ETM allows for easy customer data management

 • ETM delivers an easy to use SMS and Opt-in Email program

 • ETM delivers market materials for all the restaurants needs


The main reason consumers dine-out is to purchase food & beverage.

The main reason restaurant owners are in business is to sell food & beverages.



“We can no longer think the Internet is just for websites; the Internet is a vast canvas for creativity and expression that can compel consumers to indulge in what you have to sell.”

Stephen Redden-Menu Guru